A member of the Ghana STEM Network is an individual or organization who has

  1. Met all of our membership criteria (see below)
  2. Successfully completed our membership registration form (an online google form which requires proof of qualification)
  3. Been approved by Ghana STEM Network membership panel (comprised of three people from leadership team)

To be a member of the Ghana STEM Network, you can register as an organization or an individual.

Membership Criteria

To qualify as a member, you should:

  1. Be an individual or organization whose vision, mission and/or activities is STEM oriented
  2. Have been involved in at least one STEM related program/project within the last 12 months
  3. Be based in Ghana or have activities in Ghana

Membership Obligations

  1. Payment of dues: Annually
    1. Price: 120 GHC for individual, 300 GHC for organizations (up to three people covered in an organizational rate)
    2. Dues will be collected between Jan 1- 31st, 2019
    3. Failure to pay dues by the deadline will result in removal from WhatsApp group and google list serve
  2. Delivery of quarterly progress reports
  3. Participate in at least one Ghana STEM Network sponsored activity

Leadership roles

President – In charge of the overall administration of the group

General Secretary – In charge of all official communications and correspondence to group, preparing newsletters and official documentation, maintaining membership databases,

Finance Lead – In charge of managing finances, collecting dues, sourcing and sharing fundraising opportunities and keeping all financial records

Organizer/Programs Lead – Coordinates all programs, projects and activities of the group

TIE Committee- Those who will be tasked with overseeing strategy and rollout of TIE related activities both in the country and within the organizations programmatic efforts. They will report to program lead

  • Training Coordinator
  • Investment Coordinator
  • Engagement Coordinator

Coordinator – link between leadership  and members of the GSN, responsible for coordinating all activities between members such as collecting information from members, progress reports, etc

Publicity lead – In charge of publicizing activities of the group and its members, seeking for opportunities and ways to help promote the group.

Value Proposition

Network – Access to hundreds (and eventually thousands) of STEM GHeeks who share similar passions and goals

Job/ Scholarship Exchange – One stop shop for all STEM related job and study opportunities (including the opportunity to engage alum/ current workers)

Partnerships – Foster opportunities for business/ programmatic partnerships to develop

Knowledge Management – Opportunities for data collection and information sharing

Trainings/ Seminars/ Workshops – Exclusive access to quality learning opportunities to build knowledge and skills

*STEMGHeek (definition)-

  • one who uses rigorous critical thinking in every field of human endeavor to identify and address problems that arise in society,
  • One who has an inquisitive mind and is continually seeking “to know”,
  • One who is interested in the science, technology and innovation within any space that can be applied to improve society and bring new/ diverse modes of economic activity