About Us


Fostering partnerships and collaborations to ensure economic, social and environmental prosperity through STEM


To make every Ghanaian a #STEMGHeek* by 2030


To raise a generation of Ghanaians who understand STEM and its role in national development and are equipped with skills in STEM to solve societal problems.

Goals and objectives

  1. Create a closely knit network of STEM organizations and individuals who are running STEM initiatives who can join the network as members.
  2. Advocate for STEM and promote STEM related activities in Ghana at the district, regional and national level through dialogue with appropriate ministries.
  3. Advocate for greater STEM inclusion within the Ghanaian educational syllabus.
  4. Be a liaison between the Ghana Science Association / Ghana Education Service and STEM Organizations in Ghana.
  5. Create an enabling environment which enhances collaboration and partnerships between different STEM groups for the achievement of common goals
  6. Actively seek for and share fundraising opportunities with members and organizations in the network.
  7. Broadcast and promote the activities of members through the use of social media, and other media channels and partnerships.


  1. Quarterly Ghana STEM Network newsletter summing up activities of members of the networks and updates within the general STEM community.
  2. Quarterly meetups to share and discuss updates, new opportunities and partnerships and to network among each other to keep the community strong
  3. Ghana STEM Conference – Held annually where we run a series of activities aimed at creating awareness and interests about STEM.
  4. STEMNews – Weekly newspaper column for STEM related publications
  5. Advocacy
    1. Pushing the TIE agenda as much, as often and as forcefully as possible in every opportunity given
    2. Acknowledging #STEMGHeeks and #STEMGHeek behaviors in order to promote STEM and STEM thinking across every sector, field etc.
  6. Developing, following the strategy for how we advocate for STEM thinking in GH